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Richland Alliance Church is a community church at the heart of Richland, Washington. It is affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance dedicated to supporting and sending out missionaries. For more information about C&MA visit https://www.cmalliance.org/. 

History of RAC

(Updated March, 2018)


The Richland Alliance Church began in 1959 with four families, led by Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Luke, who went on to also help found the Moses Lake C&MA church.  At that time, the Pacific Northwest District of the C&MA started churches by looking for local families with an Alliance background in areas with no C&MA churches.


The current site on the corner of Sanford and Symons was donated by two local men, Dr. Hildebrand, a dentist, and Mr. Friesan, a shoe store owner.  While the two men provided the land, they never attended the church.


The original church building consisted of the pastors’ offices, the restrooms and the chapel.  The chapel was the original sanctuary.  It now serves as the youth room.   There was at one time a small platform at the south end of the chapel.  The chapel was designed to hold 80 people.  Before the current sanctuary was constructed, 90 people were squeezing into the chapel.


The next building phase added a classroom wing which now houses the nursery, the toddler’s room, and the Keenagers’ classroom.  The Keenagers room also served for many years as the meeting room for various committees including the Governing Board.


The Sanctuary and narthex were the last part of the facility to be built.  Church members were involved with the project, painting, staining beams, erecting the beams, pouring concrete, etc.  It was a real ‘family’ undertaking!


Later, some notable remodel projects were undertaken.  In 1992, the sanctuary was recarpeted and the pews replaced with padded chairs in order to make the sanctuary a more flexible area.  This was done in coordination with the transformation of the basement from a fellowship hall into much needed classrooms to support more focus on teaching.  The sanctuary is now used for most events like potlucks.  Over the years, the Westside Center and Knights of Columbus Hall have served well as event locations.  During the winter of 1993-94, due to an RAC “baby boom”, the nursery & toddler rooms were remodeled.     


In the mid-1990s, RAC engaged an architectural firm from Boise Idaho to do a feasibility study for options for a larger facility.  Several options were considered.  The decision was made to purchase the two houses just north of the current church property on Potter and Sanford streets, to provide expansion room for the church on the same city block.  As a result, the Potter house was purchased, expecting the Sanford house to come on the market shortly with the aging of its occupants.  After several years of fruitless waiting for the Potter house to come on the market, and with the decline in attendance, the church decided to sell the Potter house and abandon the plan for expansion to the north.


Changes have also taken place in the real church, the people.  The church has attracted families of all ages.  Membership has increased and decreased over the years to a great extent as a function of Hanford employment.


Solid Christian Education at all levels has long been one of the primary emphases of our church family.  Missions has always been an area of interest, in keeping with our Alliance heritage.  Lifestyle evangelism is also encouraged; being effective ambassadors for Christ in our daily lives.  The  Richland Alliance Church has always been very supportibve of its youth. 


Senior Pastors                                                                                                           Assistant Pastors

Rogers Irwin                                     1961-1963                                                       Ken Cole                             1974-1976

Wesley Jeske                                    1963-1971                                                        Greg Collard                      1980-1988

Ron Carlson                                      1971-1976                                                       Don Anderson                  1988-1990

David K. Clard                                  1976-2017                                                        Jim McLarnin                   

Randy Christie (interim)                 2017-present                                                   Leighton Harder

 Jack Klose                                         2019-present                                                   Shawn VanDeMark               2003-1017

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